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The Wild Bunch !!!
17 June 2010

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Wolf Moon.
15 June 2010

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Brief Encounter.
14 June 2010

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12 June 2010

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The Good Book.
11 June 2010

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19 July 2009

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Just Jane!
18 July 2009

Recent Comments

bill on Motley Crew!
im impressed

Patti on NEO!
Love it that you did not go so sharp on the blossom that you softened the needles. Great compromise....

Patti on Hi-tech 1942
Again...interesting subject...Link trainer...WWII.....nice composition.

Patti on Goldfinch.
Totally blew this one...passed it by until my husband said...back up...that is a Continental motor...there is a ...

Patti on The Good Book.
I cannot comment on equipment or technique...but the round illuminated window above the book sent me an immediate ...

Patti on Brief Encounter.
Wondering if you are intense with interest or striking some bargain with a long ago species.

Patti on Wolf Moon.
Wonderful crease in time...sunset still on the horizon and yet moon rise so striking....Kudos...the lacy trees do much ...

Patti on The Lightning Tree.
Like a seasoned warrior challenging the storm to strike it again...Love it...dramatic

Patti on Pretty In Pink!
Not only are the three pink ladies exquisite, but the contrast of the forest floor and the delicate look of the fungus ...

Lisa Girard on The Secret Garden.
I think I love you! Well ya know. This is like out of a fairy tale...I want to walk through this place desperately! ...

Lisa Girard on The Inspection.
Crisp, sharp and to the point. BRAVO!

Heidi (your number one fan) Morris on The Inspection.
Superb, can't fault the image in anyway Martin, it's beautiful x

Pete Jeffers on The Inspection.
Fantastic shot, love it.

Lynda on The Inspection.
I just love this photo...fantastic!!

Ben on The Inspection.
just awesome. good processing.

Becky on The Inspection.
I love this - Just great.

Amy on Pretty In Pink!
Simply you guys have any idea how they managed to capture this image? ...

Florence on The Inspection.
A remarquable focus. So sharp. So charming. Really timeless. So, is everything allright with this gorgeous plane ? :-)

Michelle on Pretty In Pink!
are they mushrooms? are they really big or the creativity of your photography...??

Larry Elkins on The Inspection.

Skyriani on Pretty In Pink!
well seen

foto-rolero54 on Pretty In Pink!
A very beautiful realization, Yours sincerely

Marc on The Wild Bunch !!!
this compo is splendid nicely done....

Curly on The Inspection.
Awesome scale Martin, I guess this has been tone mapped too?

alex centrella on The Inspection.
a great catch !

Daniel on Pretty In Pink!
cute shrooms.

Othersideblue on The Secret Garden.

Othersideblue on Pretty In Pink!
yes it is! you are right, it's pretty !

Juliana on A Place To Pray.
I love it!

Juliana on Pretty In Pink!
Fantastic!! Great lighting and colours!

Becky on Pretty In Pink!
stunning! love this! Colors are spectacular and shot with such clarity.

Curly on Pretty In Pink!
Fabulous colour palette Martin.

Shahryar on Pretty In Pink!
beautiful shot :)

Dana on Pretty In Pink!
Beautifully done.

daniela scharnowski on Pretty In Pink!
oh, these are lovely! Beautiful scene with the golden light!

SonyRush on The Lightning Tree.
belle lumière

SonyRush on Waiting.
sombre comme la guerre!

SonyRush on The Secret Garden.
bel encadrement

SonyRush on Pretty In Pink!
superbe photo très belle couleures

Zoltan on The Secret Garden.

Larry Elkins on The Secret Garden.
Nicely framed seems an understatement. Larry

Philip on The Secret Garden.
Nice norman arch used to frame HDR garden.

Pascale on Waiting.
Un n&b très fort ,parfait avec cette photo!

Karen Zimmerman on The Wild Bunch !!!
This is stunning! What an amazing find, and so beautifully photographed. Great work!

Florence on Waiting.
A very powerful mono, and a good dramatic compo. It suggests we're in war...

Marie LC on Waiting.
what beautiful bw !

Curly on A Place To Pray.
I love the way you have gone out of your way to find an interesting angle, instead of looking straight down the nave. ...

Florence on A Place To Pray.
Wow ! Impressive in many ways, colors, wide angle, and PP. A HUGE place to pray. :-)

The Lens Pal on The Good Book.
nice pic !

Becky on The Lightning Tree.
Spectacular image. Intense and beautiful. The contrast in the sky and the clarity of the tree are just awesome.

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